My current Musical Top 5 list

As I mentioned in « My Music » page. I wanted to share with you my Flavors of the moment in terms of musical tastes. So, in early January 2009, here are the artists that make the list and diligently bust my iPod’s headphones!

  1. Metallica, Death Magnetic. Since the release on Sept, 12th. This album, that has been awaited for many years, almost haunt me. Aggressive. Brutal. Tight. Excellent sound quality. Unbelievably fast tracks. My favorite: All Nightmare Long.
  2. Scars on Broadway. This band is led by former System of a Down guitar hero, Daron Malakian. He is is also the lead singer on this album. It was an impulse buying when it was released last summer. Very short songs. Ultra diversified rythms while remaining a rock album. I was disappointed when they cancelled their North American Tour last fall for  ambiguous reasons (supposedly lower than expected record sales) but I still listen to it with great pleasure. I great discovery for the hard rock fans.
  3. Linkin Park, Live in Montreal. Recorded Live in February at the Bell Center in Montreal. Surprising sound quality! Chester is as good as he could be. I can’t understand how he can yell and sing mellow tunes right after and always keep his perfect pitch until the encore.
  4. Coldplay, Viva la Vida. A very weird album in my opinion. With brass on certain songs and electronic stuff on others. They have put together a great varitey of ambiances. My Favorite: « Yes »
  5. Creedance Clearwater Revival: I don’t know why. I rediscovered John Fogerty’s aggressive voice when my 3year old son started to dance in the living room on the first chords of Bad Moon Rising a couple of weeks ago. He was playing air guitar like crazy and since then, we keep on listening to that song every night together before going to bed. Fortunate Son still sounds great too.

Feel free to jump in and share here with me your latest musical discoveries. I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.


2 réflexions au sujet de « My current Musical Top 5 list »

  1. This is funny Etienne…
    Even if we haven’t seen each other since University, we pretty much kept the same taste for music… Without influencing one another!

    I was very skeptical when the new Metallica album came out… was I ever blown away… Extremely good, lots of reference to old albums, making sure the first wave of fans are no longer feeling left out… pretty clever.

    What did you think of the new Guns N Roses? I waited and waited… not bothering purchasing the damn thing… I finally purchased it online; burned a cd, loaded it in my car cd-changer… Took another two weeks until I decided to give it a try… Whoa! This sounds pretty good man! A bit predictable but the melodies are good and it rocks hard. Axl is still the man! I was positively surprise by the album, ‘took way to long to get it out though…

    take care buddy, nice to see you on the blogosphere.

    BTW, If you need advise on technology, web two-o or other information management / IT strategic planning… that’s my turf my friend, drop me a line.


    • @Pierre,
      more than happy to read your comments on my blog. This is an honor to meet you here!
      My musical tastes seem to remain quite stable even as I grow older. Nice to know that it is the same for you.

      I would have been surprised if Death Magnetic wouldn’t have fallen in your musical ears. To me that is their best album since…. ANd JUstice FOr All. I wrote to Jame Hetfield to tell him 😉

      About G N’R. I listened to it a couple of times but there was no hook. But now, with you advice, i will give it another try.

      Regarding this blog. I did everything by myself using a wordpress template. I know the ergonomy is not perfect but I am somewhat limited in the level of changes I can implement without having to play in the CSS. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Any pieces of advice is welcomed. It is a work in progress and I am learning a lot on the blogs, their mechanics and so on. This is fascinating.

      Feel free to drop me a note on my blogger email:

      Take Care!

      Again, I am really happy to read you here. Com see us in QUebec when you have a chance!

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